Bjørn Berge
Blackwood (Brand New Album)
I've photographed the amazing Bjørn Berge for his brand new album called “BLACKWOOD” (released on September 29, 2011). And in addition I proposed to design a logotype as well to suit to these photos/album.

Unfortunately the logotype has been rejected. A "classic font" was used for his new album.

Bjørn Berge is a “blues artist” (singer and guitarist). But not a classic one !

It is difficult to categorize his music only as a “blues style”, as he combines multiple musical genres. He’s an accoustic genius who delivers a really racy music, very sharp, groovy, melodic, energic, elegant.
So I made a logotype showing this complex harmony. Something different to what Bjørn has used with his LP’s/Albums covers.

The “KiloGram” font was selected to begin this project, designed by the great norwegian designer Karl Martin Sætren (KalleGraphics). This font was based on a font called “Anagram” by Nick Curtis.

“KiloGram” is a heavy display typeface, with an interesting nice retro-look but however a very elegant & modern as well. Its geometric caps are dynamic. I tried to personalized the font to fit to my perception of Bjørn & his music.
Unfortunately the logotype has been rejected.
Photo rejected.
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