Bjørn Berge
Rockefeller, Oslo

Bjørn Berge is out with his 10th album - "Fretwork".
On this album he's finally back with an album consisting of original songs. It's produced by Bjørn Berge and Kjetil Ulland. This time Berge has chosen to bring along 2 famous norwegian guest artists; Oyvind Staveland (violin and viola) and Vidar Johnsen (vocal). The combination of Stavelands violin and Bjorn Berges acoustic guitars has maybe given his songs a wider and more open atmosphere than earlier. The album has everything from gentle instrumental songs, Deltablues, to the more powerful expression that has become a part of Bjorn Berges signature.

Bjørn Berge is an acoustic genius. The Norwegian singer can move mountains with his acoustic guitars, he can outplay the hardest metalheads and raise an enormous amount of energy. His repertoire ranges from his own powerful songs to smashing cover versions, which are much more than standard versions of old hits thanks to Berges brutish voice and extremely dynamic guitar technique. Although this statement is only partial true: Despite all this, Berge's music is always catchy and soulful. His concerts are definitely THE acoustic guitar event of this decade.


* One of Europe’s most wanted live artists.
* 10 albums out. (Latest release ”Fretwork”).
* Alone on stage.

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