Evergreen, concept proposed by Ease (Florian Sabatier). What is Evergreen ? A photography project, where photographers and graphic designers take parts, having for only aim the celebration of summer and green color. 10 creators, 10 works each, a website, an exhibition, evergreen is here... http://evergreen.colorease.net Website coded by Melka and A.D. by Ease

Piece of my Photos selection for the exhibition.
My vision was to mix with onirism childhood+playground+life.
With my muse Emma (my daughter) and I wanted to illustrate her young age and show my vision about how I see her later as a "teenager/adult". No adult  faces visible, just "backs", the mystery  haunts me!
I see her in the future like a strong personality/mind and with a lil' touch of madness ^^

One day my Lil' Flower will grow up... | Petite fleur deviendra grande.

EVERGREEN is a ease's project, (check infos)

The complete series for the exhibition. Presented like a magic square.
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