FISHBONE - Still Stuck In Your Throat

US Released (04/24/2007)
European CD was released before photographies was made.

Fishbone is an alternative rock band that plays a fusion of funk, ska, punk rock, reggae, heavy metal and more. The band was formed in 1979 in the ghettos of South Central Los Angeles by Angelo Moore, also known as "Dr. Madd Vibe", Kendall Jones, John Norwood Fisher, Philip "Fish" Fisher, "Dirty" Walter A. Kibby II  and Chris Dowd.

The group camefrom the same Los Angeles scene that spawned the Minutemen, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jane's Addiction.

LIVESHOW Photographies made at  TRABENDO  Paris (France)
on the 14th February 2007.
With my NIKON D200 Lens 50mm 1.4
Back cover (Left), Photography by me
1st Front cover (Right) // Photographies & Artwork made by Dez Einswell
 Inside the BOOKLET 
All photographies made by me.
Artwork made by Dez Einswell
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